Launch of WP MLM Plugin

Launch of WP MLM Plugin

Infinite Open Source Solutions  is proud to announce the launch of  WP MLM Plugin.

Our services also extend to the delivery of industry best WooCommerce and Magento WP MLM Plugins.

iOSS which has vast years of experience in the field of WP Plugin development and MLM Software development is undoubtedly the supreme leader in the IT sector since 2009.

We have the technical, business and project management expertise needed to execute projects.

The Company has expertise in working with a variety of customers all over the globe from small startups to multinational corporations. Our successful assignments with client companies have built our fame as superior providers of IT solutions.

WP MLM Plugin

Now run your WP MLM network with your WordPress website with ease!

The WP MLM Plugin developed by IOSS lets manage your business like a breeze with an array of compelling features designed for your convenience.

Our WP MLM Plugin is designed in such a scalable and robust manner that you would feel the difference.

Attractions of WP MLM Plugin

  • WP MLM Plugin can accommodate all major MLM plans and its payout and compensation schemes with ease.
  • WP MLM Plugin is well equipped with the latest features so that even you could track commissions and simplify the complexity of the network.
  • The plugin is designed in such a way that it merges completely with  WP website and provides a user-friendly experience for both the admin and the users.
  • The design is highly responsive and hence it works smoothly in multiple digital platforms like Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.
  • Robustness and high reliability.
  • Highly fast responses, or in other words, no lag time in providing the results.
  • Highly secure and reliable money transactions.
  • The plugin is highly flexible so that it can accommodate any change in later stages post installation.
  • The Plugin responds easily to different systems and diverse user requirements.

Main Features of WP MLM Plugin

1. Admin Panel

WP MLM admin

The dashboard of the Admin Panel provides a clear-cut summary of various data records in brief. It includes downlines, bonus details, Debit and credit info of the E-wallet, a list of recently added users, Top performers and a graph indicating the users joined each month.

The Admin panel also allows the admin to set the registration package, Payment settings etc. He/She can monitor the entire business activities within the plugin.

The Admin Panel is split into the following sections:

  • User

The tab gives us a detailed report about the list of users in the downline with details like E-wallet data, bonus details, referral details, etc.

  • Genealogy Tree

This section provides a tree view of the network, which makes the admin get a clear-cut idea with a glimpse.

  • E-Wallet Management

E-wallet provides the Admin the options for Funds Transfer, Transfer Details and Fund Management, which is exclusive to the admin.

  • Reports

The admin can generate various reports like joining reports, Profile Report of a particular user, bonus reports etc.

  • Password

The Admin can change the user password, send transaction password to the users for a safe and secure transaction and change admin transaction password.

  • Settings

Settings tab allows the admin to update the company details like the name of the company, logo, website address etc. The admin can set the registration package, payment settings etc.


2. User Panel 

WP MLM user

  • My profile

It provides details regarding the sponsor information, package details, contact information and options to update the password.

  • Genealogy Tree

The tree view option enables us to understand the network easily.

  • E-Wallet Management

Similar to the admin panel,  here we get options for fund transfer. The user can also see the transfer details within a particular period of time.

  • Bonus Details

The user can view the compensation and the bonus details. Bonus can either be a flat or a minimum percentage of sales.

  • Referral Details

This tab shows a list of all the downline members recruited by you along with the contact details and joining date.

Magento MLM Plugin

ioss also develops Magento MLM Plugin, and thus your MLM features can be integrated into your Magento E-commerce platform and also manage your MLM business from your E-commerce platform where you sell products from your online store.

WooCommerce in WP MLM Plugin

Now, you can also enjoy the benefits of our  WooCommerce WP MLM Plugin.

This feature enables the admin to sell his products to the customers as well as the registration packages for his downline members.

Upon integrating the WooCommerce platform with WP MLM Plugin, the admin would have an additional feature in the dashboard called Product Personal Value, which would be either the Product Value or a fraction of it. This value plays a pivotal role in the calculations regarding commission.

The admin has the privilege to set this value at his homepage.

Try our WP MLM Plugin demo to get that cutting-edge solution and we guarantee you a wonderful experience like never before!



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