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Introducing Desklog – A Project Management Software

Delighted to announce the launch of Desklog by Infinite Open Source Solutions. We have extended our services to this Project Management Software. Desklog is project management software with exceptional features to successfully manage the project deliverables.

Being so efficacious with the exceptional features, we are extending our experience, knowledge, and services to expertise in the field of Project Management.

Project Management Software is inexorable in the world of business organizations. Invested the deep knowledge and efforts to keep up the entail of all the organizations to excel in their projects.

Apart from Desklog, we have already launched our first project management software PMT to successfully manage the projects within the business organizations.

To amplify the features of project management software we have developed this new project management software to successfully meet the requirements of all the organizations  serving worldwide.

We will briefly have a look into the benefits and features of Desklog.

There are so many exquisite features of Desklog with affordable service. Have a glance over it.

Desklog allows you to well manage your team with all task related to the project. Excels in supervising the tasks by the authorized superiors to boost the productivity of the business with effective utilization of all the resources in the organization.

The outstanding feature is its screen monitoring with automated screenshots to analyse the real-time business productivity and performance of  assigned task of the project.

The key benefits of Desklog

1. Planning and scheduling the project

It helps in planning and scheduling your project as the requirements and the resources

2. Task management

A wide range of benefits to handle all the tasks related to the project.

3. Bug tracking.

Bug tracking with sprint and backlogs

4. Analysing reports.

Final review of the project with the reports

5. Screen monitoring with automated screenshots.

Monitors the the screen and captures automated screenshots in every few minutes to track the real time productivity

6. Tracking real time productivity.

With screen monitoring feature, helps in tracking real time productivity and performance

7. Effective evaluation of reports

After analysing the reports it makes easy to evaluate the performance of any individual.

How it benefits with your task management?

  • Organize all the tasks

Scattered tasks can be placed in one place and helps to organize the tasks

  • Prioritize the tasks

Assign the priority as high or low to the task as per the deadline

  • Active participation of the team

Tasks can be shared within the team to improve the collaboration of the team

  • Improves productivity of the team

Real time spent on the tasks are monitored and it helps to improve the productivity

  • Meets deadline of the project

Very well managed with tasks to meet the deadline of the project  

  • Analysing the reports of the tasks

Complete overview of the reports of the task to analyze for the best solution for the task.

Desklog has lots of excellent features to improve your team productivity.

We will see about the methodology used in Desklog

The eminent technology behind Desklog is it’s Agile and Scrum based technology to incorporate the changes in the software. Successfully integrated Agile and Scrum technology, which adopts iterative practices or methodologies known as sprints to incorporate the changes and keep up working with updated software.

The advantages of Agile and Scrum technology

  • Creates a detailed product backlog.
  • Identifies the bugs and changes as per the user feedback
  • Assigns story points, i.e estimated effort for the team to implement the change with allocated time for the iteration
  • Each iteration is performed as per the allocated time
  • During each iteration, the changes implemented are recorded as sprint backlog.
  • Product backlog is again updated as required to continue the process

This continuous process helps to fix any issues in the software and Desklog is very efficient with this advanced agile.

Desklog is a customizable software as per the requirements of our customers who always look for a complete solution in project management software. The advantages and features are highly remarkable with an advanced Agile and Scrum technology .

Learn more about Agile and Scrum Management Software.

We invite you to try Desklog with Free Trial , offering an affordable service and complete solution to huddles of project management which can be utilized by all organizations in a very efficient and effective manner.

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