Integrating Odoo and WordPress

Integrating Odoo and WordPress

While launching up a website, most of the people prefer WordPress. WordPress spreads across 28.9 % of the whole internet powering 14.7 % of top rated websites. Most of today’s top websites run on WordPress. WordPress is well known as it is very easy to compile with different kinds of plugins. It is one of the best content management system available today allowing users to make both static and dynamic websites and blogs. It allows customizing, managing and updating the website from the backend CMS. It is not a difficult task moving all content to a WordPress site for using its functional features.

WordPress supports a large set of tools in order to manage different media folders of file sets. With the help of some custom functions, it modifies the site’s functionalities. These functionalities can be extended with various plugins based on their needs. All these functionalities make WordPress to gain much wider popularity and as a result, the demand for WordPress design and development companies are also increasing.

WordPress Plugins:

Open source ERP solutions are available to enrich WordPress websites with E-Commerce plugins. These plugins incorporate essential features and this makes your website to run on an E-Commerce platform. The seaming less integration of these plugins can provide best solutions for Odoo E-commerce platform. This Odoo E-commerce platform offers remarkable benefits by building elegant and robust online stores. Odoo is one among the best ERP system available that is flexible, modular and multifunctional. In certain instances, making changes in the website is a difficult process as it requires PHP knowledge for modifying the code.

Benefits of Odoo & WordPress integration:

WordPress is one of the top website building CMS; they offer different functionalities. Odoo offers businesses and has other important features like reporting options; it can be used to get the maximum insight from the workflow, sales and can easily generate reports. Odoo helps you in achieving your business expectation.  Integrating Odoo with WordPress provides lots of benefits like:

1. Easy to use

Odoo provides some advanced features like advanced e-mail marketing, A/B testing. It is possible to obtain many features without having a separate look in plugin or custom development section.

2. Cost

It is about USD96 annually for basic features of Odoo enterprise edition. It is about 4USD per month charged for hosting and services. Also, it is an advantage that its basic features and functionalities are free of cost.

3. Support

Unlike other ERPs, CMS is open source and have huge community support.

4. Outlook and Market share

Almost  3 million users depend on Odoo and its ERP features make it a popular website development option. It is noted that  WordPress powers about 29% of the website’s all over the internet and as it continues to grow, there are 84.9 million new posts on WordPress sites during each month.

Odoo’s Website Builder for Marketers

1. Anyone can use

Odoo is very easy to use and navigate. Writing codes can be completely stopped and it allows you to use features like drag and drop that helps in aligning different elements that you want the page. It is quite a difficult task to design columns and placing an image in a specific place for a person who doesn’t have basic knowledge about the code. This makes a website creation process relatively easy.

2. Outsourcing the basic stuff

The chief functionalities Odoo allows website creation process without the need for outsourcing the project. Anyone can build their websites by watching some videos website creation or after reading some documentation. Unlike other platforms, Odoo allows making changes easily once the platform is set up.

3. Library of easy to install and customizable themes

Odoo has a number of different themes. Most of them are free. These themes can be further customized in different colors and texts.

4. Fully integrated system

In past years complete market campaigns were carried out using  Mail Chimp, SalesForce, Survey Monkey etc. They are already integrated with the website and no need to pay for all tools.

5. SEO implementation tool

The Odoo website builders are the SEO features. It is necessary to insert plugins like Yoast for other websites. Odoo is easy to use and it uses SEO as a top priority. It extracts the technical complexities of SEO and then handles these complexities in the best suitable way.

Wrapping it up

We know that development and integrations are something tricky. Being the best CMS platform for websites, WordPress integrate with Odoo to provide great advantages for business. Odoo E-commerce provides you convenience by integrating it with other business apps. E-commerce business owners now try to build elegant and smooth running stores relying on these remarkable benefits of Odoo – E-commerce. It is possible to choose any versions of Odoo- E-commerce platforms that suit your requirements. Therefore if you are planning an Odoo based E-commerce store, then there is no need to think twice.  

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