Ethereum Cryptocurrency – Alike Bitcoin?

Ethereum Cryptocurrency is a decentralized application like Bitcoin. Through this, you can pay things online, trade money and also buy and sell anywhere that accepts it. While compared this with the bitcoin, it has more features like Ethereum uses cryptocurrency called “ether” which runs on “Smart contract”. Smart contract uses Blockchain technology and allows it to be traded if certain conditions met. Bitcoin runs on the blockchain too but doesn’t involve the extra step of smart contract. Blockchain technology has many other applications that go way beyond digital currencies. In fact, Bitcoin is only one of several applications that use blockchain technology today. Until almost recently, constructing blockchain applications has required a complex knowledge in coding, cryptography, … [Read more...]

New Trends In Cryptocurrency

Today cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency development services have become a worldwide trend known to most people. When we consider the history for cryptocurrency, it has emerged as a side product of another invention. The first cryptocurrency to be created was bitcoin and that was in 2008. Satoshi Nakamoto was the unknown inventor of bitcoin, he never planned to invent a currency and said he only developed a "peer to peer electronic cash system". It was a new system of electronic cash which also prevents double spending. The new trends in cryptocurrency could be a real turning point for the new form of payment. Also, it is completely decentralized with no central authority. More about cryptocurrency and new trends in cryptocurrency As mobile application development services, people … [Read more...]

Native App VS Hybrid App Development

In the developer world, there is an endless argument for which approach is the best platform for mobile application development. As mobile software and website development are inevitable for companies, it is important to be informed about the opportunities and obstacles of choosing either a hybrid application or native application development. It is also significant to fully understand how both hybrid and native mobile application platforms function and how to distinguish between these two applications. Native App VS Hybrid App – A Quick Overview What is a Native App? When we think about an app, usually native app hit the mind. A native application (native app) is developed specifically for a mobile operating system. They can only act together with and take advantage of operating … [Read more...]

Top 10 Indian Software Companies 2016

Software companies in India have a long history and the past. Most of the preeminent Indian software companies are formed even before the age of computer’s begin. They have strongholds in every path of digitalization of the human life. And they crafted the technology industry of a country and brought it to the global spotlight. In this writing, we are listing the Top 10 Indian software companies 2016 with their current market capitalization. I. TCS – Tata Consulting Service Founded in the year 1968 in Mumbai, by Tata sons, now transformed to a multinational Information technology behemoth operating in 46 countries. TCS specializes in IT services, consulting and business solutions. TCS holds 10th position in Fortune India 500 list and ranked 64th in Forbes most innovative companies … [Read more...]